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“Every now and then you stumble across a finished article, a show so polished it shines. Paul Zerdin: Sponge Fest is one of these shows. A ventriloquist at the top of his game, Zerdin is so sure of his skills and so in control of his material that he isn’t just performing – he’s showing off, clearly having as much of a laugh as his audience." - 5 stars – The Scotsman


“Paul Zerdin is in a league of his own. That he's the UK’s most accomplished and well-known ventriloquist is beyond doubt. What's most impressive about his latest show is how rich a canvas he creates from his honed skill. You can’t help but to be won over with this set which is not just polished but very well-constructed. What this show does is to invoke a precious, childish sense of joy. The conclusion is pure audience-gratifying magic.” Time Out


“Zerdin is a powerful stage presence. Having been a regular TV guest, surely its only a matter of time before he is fronting his own show.”
The Herald – Scotland


“Zerdin confirms my thoughts that if anyone is to take the genre’s recent renaissance a step further it is acts like his. Simply put, Zerdin is the man who can make ventriloquism look cool.”
The Stage


“Zerdin has a sense of comic timing that other comedians should take note of, and an amazing skill which seperates him from others. When you are not laughing you are simply in awe.”
Three Weeks – Edinburgh Festival


“With a mix of well written script and improvisation, Zerdin provides a show of non-stop mirth, including the first spate of uncontrollable laughter I’ve experienced this festival. In an explosive opening few minutes, he not only has the audience laughing, clapping and cheering, but he’s also picked his main victim for the night.”


“Zerdin is the one who can make it look cool, leaving many of his contemporaries in the genre behind.”
Edinburgh Fringe Review


“Paul Zerdin is no dummy. A ventriloquist for the South Park generation.”
The Stage


“If you think the words ‘brilliant’ and ‘ventriloquist’ have no place in the same sentence, go and see Paul Zerdin for some brutal re-education”
Evening Standard


“Just to underline that the big names were not going to have it all their own way, the loudest applause went to Paul Zerdin who is reviving the unfashionable art of ventriloquism”
The Times


“Yes, ventriloquists can be funny too. Zerdin’s puppets are sharp – tongued, malicious little bastards. Avoid the front row, especially if you’re ugly”
The Observer


“The characters on display here – a precocious baby™, a bratty teenager and a deaf, old professor type – are endearingly expressive in their own right, but it is Zerdin’s sharp script that is the heartbeat of the show”
The Stage


“It is almost inevitable that the telegenic Paul Zerdin will soon be coming at ya from the box in the corner, he is so fast you will believe you hear him and the dummy speak simultaneously”
The Edinburgh Herald


“Paul Zerdin and his ginger – nut sidekick Sam™ didn’t so much steal the show as pull off the Light Entertainment equivalent of the Brink’s – Mat raid”
The Sun


“The best ventriloquist Britain has discovered for many years, who has mastered the knack of being acceptable to both comedy club and family audiences”
The Stage


“The one time magician has the pop star looks to attract a whole new audience to the much maligned speciality of ventriloquism”
The North West Gazette

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